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Teach My Toddler Tuesday with DIY Speechie Mommy

Today's activity for Teach My Toddler Tuesday was all about multi-sensory stimulation. Best of all it included something many of us having lying around our house....Easter eggs! Our good friend Jacqui is the DIY Speechie Mommy and we were so excited to collaborate with her this week.

She has a little one of her own and a great deal of experience working with kids and speech therapy. So, this week's activity was sponsored by her and below she shares with us her step by step guide for each of you to try this activity at home, with your little ones.

Here are a few photos of Sofia trying this activity today. The best part about this activity is that you can modify it for any age. In our case, we used letters and shapes instead of just animals and took the activity outdoors! FUN TIP: Even if you don't have all of the items that are detailed in the activity PDF you can always modify and use what you have at home. In our case we didn't have play sand so we used Cheerios lol.

To learn more about Jacqui the DIY Speechie Mommy follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy @diyspeechiemommy ! Thanks again for joining us :)


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