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Let's Help Teachers Clear Their School Supply List!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Did you know that many teachers pay for a majority of classroom supplies out of their own pockets? Yes, it’s true! It's reported that teachers can spend as much as $1,000 a year on supplies for their classrooms. Thats why so many teachers have taken to social media to ask for help to pay for their classroom supplies. The #clearthelists campaign began last month, after teachers asked for help to buy supplies off their Amazon wish lists. Many of these lists include classroom basics like chalk, crayons, and markers. (Stats taken from the Business Insider)

We decided we wanted to help and after asking our followers if they knew of any teachers in need, we received these amazing responses. Scroll below to find a teacher in need of your support. Please donate if you can, we know the teacher you support will greatly appreciate it.

If you know of a teacher who could use some help for her supply list, see the directions below from an amazing article we found on Hip2Save!

Teachers, follow these steps to make your own classroom wish list on Amazon:

  • Head over to Amazon and hover over Account & List at the top of any page. Select ‘Create a List’ from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose the Wish list and whether you want the list to be private or public. You can also designate whether your list is for an organization and if so, you’ll have the option to provide the website address of the organization.

  • Click ‘Save’ and then you can start adding items to your list!

  • To add items to your wish list, simply browse Amazon for products and then click ‘Add to List’ under the Buy box on the right-hand side of any item’s product detail page.

  • Only list owners can make changes through Manage List. Both list owners and collaborators will be able to add and remove items.

If you are a teacher, make sure to share your list in our comments section below, so that our readers can see it too!

Clear The List:

Click on the links below for each teacher list:


A special education teacher (grades 7-8) in a small district:


A third-grade teacher at a low-income school in South Carolina!


A kindergarten teacher in a low-income public school in NY.


Starting her first year of teaching in a few weeks in Gainesville, Florida. She is teaching k-2 kiddos in a title 1 school.


A new physical education teacher and track and field/cross country coach in a low-income school.


She is starting her fourth year as a 1st-grade teacher in a low-income public school in Charleston, SC. She will be teaching virtual and in-person kids simultaneously.


A kindergarten teacher in the South Bronx, NYC.


A teacher at a Title 1 school with an ever-growing population of English Language Learners.


A first-year 1st-grade teacher starting in a title one school in the Bronx, NY.


A Kindergarten teacher who after buying all of her cleaning supplies, individual baskets for students, is struggling to get additional items.


A 5th-grade ELAR teacher at a Title 1 school in Texas.


A teacher at a Title 1 school teaching Kindergarten! She is hoping to give her students the best year ever because they deserve it!


A first-grade teacher at a Title 1 school. She wants to provide materials for her students for both distance learning and for when they come back to school.


A teacher looking to make her students feel comfortable, safe, and welcome this year.


She's a 7th grade English teacher in Las Vegas, NV.


A speech pathologist working with a diverse group of language-impaired learners in NYC.

Miss B.

A second-year pre-k teacher and grad students looking to give the best experience she can to her students in NY.


An elementary school teacher in San Francisco teaching Kindergarten.


She's a 4th-grade teacher in an inner-city, low-income school district in the city of Albany, NY. She decided to set up an Amazon wishlist to allow for some normalcy for her students this year in the middle of a pandemic and give them some representation in our classroom books.


A preschool teacher in NYC who’s gearing up to bring our classroom outside as much as possible this fall!


A 2nd grade literacy lover working in a Title 1 School who needs your help!

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01 sept 2020

2nd grade teacher who works in a Title 1 school! Every year i spend hundreds on redoing my classroom and buying students supplies, this year we are fully remote and i working overhaul our outdated classroom libraries to make sure they represent the students in our classroom. Providing students with a diverse set of books that are diverse in race and culture!

Me gusta
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