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A Season of Changes

With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, it's normal to think back on the year that will soon come to an end. For me, I've thought of the changes each season has brought. From moving back to Miami to added a new member to our family, there have been many. I really hadn't reflected on it until recently that my oldest, Annemarie, started having some separation anxiety. As I tried to think of why she had this regression, a teacher from her school kindly reminded me that she has endured many changes. She is now the oldest of three, moved from one city to another in one year, changed schools ... that's a lot, even for an adult.

But with the changes of seasons comes many lessons. Learning to adapt to change, embracing the newness that life brings us and of course being grateful and seeing the silver-lining to things.


So as we enter this new season, I challenge you to embrace all the changes, see the silver-lining and be grateful for the positive. After all, what else is there to do?

*Some daily routines I've added to Annemarie's day to help with the changes*

  • Daily Affirmations: We say them in the car on our way to school and thanks to a follower, I've purchased affirmation frames for her room.

  • Bought a wall calendar so she can see when she has school, activities and different events. This has helped avoid the "is it tomorrow" question.

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