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Casita Rodriguez

In 2010 ...

In 2010 I opened myself to the world of social media by sharing, at the time, my jewelry line that was being sold at my aunt and her best friend's boutique. After doing this for a few years, in 2017 I joined forces with a close friend of mine and we transformed the space into a safe haven for new moms and the rollercoaster that is motherhood - Bambina Diaries. Fast forward to 2023 and once again I am transforming the space into my escape to share what I love, fashion, reading, food and of course my little pod - Casita Rodriguez.

Why the change?

Three years ago, I started my business Socially Entwined, a social media management and marketing company. It was something I did on the side by word of mouth but in 2022 I really put my focus into growing. A year later, with four employees and 15+ clients, I genuinely had my hands and heart full. Plus, Casita Rodriguez was now a party of 5 which had its own challenges. Growing family, business, OH! and let's not forget moving to Orlando and back to Miami in one year and topping it off with a total home renovation before giving birth to Alec.

I started feeling like the space and what I wanted to share was shifting, along with the feeling of wanting to post whenever I wanted depending on where life was taking me. I've always prided myself with being authentic and little by little I felt less of that. When I shared my thoughts, ironically enough my partner felt the same. Although I offered her the space, she felt it was best to focus on her own growing family. And with all that, Casita Rodriguez was created.

What to expect?

You can expect a space where I genuinely share my love for my city, traveling, food, reading, family, friends, motherhood and everything in between. Change is scary, exciting and filled with a rollercoaster of emotions, just like motherhood.

I hope you enjoy my honest truth and follow along with Casita Rodriguez.

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1 Comment

Jan 05, 2023

So excited for you and ready to see where this new venture takes you and your family! Congrats, my friend!

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