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EDYE: Helping our Bilingual Home

This is a sponsored post by EDYE.

Picking what apps and platforms are worth your little ones' screen time can be a challenge, especially ones that help with their Spanish-speaking skills. We recently sat in a virtual seminar and learned that studies have shown that it's not so much the time spent, but more the quality of the screen time. That's where our new found love for EDYE comes in! Not only do our girls get quality screen time, but they also get it in Spanish - perfect for a bilingual household.

What is EDYE?

EDYE is a premium subscription-based service that offers smart and safe entertainment for preschool-aged children ages 2-6 in Spanish. Your child will learn together with their favorite characters, like Daniel Tiger and Dr. Panda.

EDYE is a safe haven with a selection of high-quality content, specially developed for children by world distinguished psychologists, pediatricians, and pedagogues. EDYE has smart and safe entertainment for your little one, which as a parent, puts so many worries at rest. With so much unsafe content from other platforms, Maddy and I don't have to worry what our girls are watching or what may pop up on their screens. We've heard so many stories of children watching shows and inappropriate content being shown. With EDYE, we are thankful that is not a worry.

How we have used EDYE in our everyday lives?

Maddy and I talk all the time that the girls are growing up so fast and are like sponges, absorbing so much information and constantly learning. Using a digital platform like EDYE has made such a big impact on our girls. Our favorite feature of EDYE would be the fact that our girls are getting to listen and practice Spanish. We've been using the EDYE app daily, but using it specifically during car rides has been a game-changer! The girls are engaged, entertained, and best of all learning. It is a great catalyst to begin a dialogue with the girls in Spanish. We ask them what they've seen, we reference stories they've watched or activities they've completed. Getting your child to speak Spanish at times can be challenging, but with EDYE it is the perfect gateway and start point.

EDYE Content + More

Edye is a service of HITN, a leading Spanish-language media company and public TV network in the U.S. that offers educational and cultural programming for the whole family. EDYE has a continuously growing library of content with over 2,500 episodes from more than 70 world-renowned preschool series showcasing some of children’s most beloved characters, including Mölang, Sid the Science Kid, Sarah and Duck, Dinosaur Train, Maya the Bee, Heidi, and Pocoyo, among many others. In addition to video content, Edye offers e-books, games, and interactive activities within its state-of-the-art app.

To help parents participate in their children’s experience, Edye’s educational experts have created guides that offer tips and ideas on using the content to have fun with their children apart from the screen. EDYE empowers parents by providing them with options to manage the content their children consume on digital media and encourages them to participate in the experience alongside them.

How can you get EDYE?

It can be found and downloaded via the app stores on Apple and Android mobile devices.

The subscription price is $2.99 USD monthly, but you can try it for free until 12/18/20 by using the promotional code EDYEKC.

Visit to use the code today!

To learn more about EDYE, click the link below.

We promise you'll love EDYE as much as much as we do!

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