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Teaching our Girls Table Manners With Manners and Co.

We recently came across a mom-owned brand called Manners and Co. It all started with an idea that came to the founder while at the school cafeteria with her students. Her dream was to teach kids manners in a fun and interactive way.

Since the girls love helping us around the house, we thought we would try the table mat and table talk cards with them first. Here's what they look like:

If you are wondering how the girls liked them and how we used these super cute products, keep reading! We're sharing our thoughts and review with you below. PLUS: if you're looking to do something similar with your kids this year, consider purchasing their bundle packages or gifting them to a friend or family member.

We decided to have the girls play a fun game of tea party today and enjoy their Manners and Co items. This is one of the many ways we have been able to have the girls interact and use these fun items.

Table Talk Cards Review:

These cards are a must-have for every family. Especially, now with COVID keeping us home much more than before and limiting our little ones social interaction. The cards have been a fun addition to the dinner table. It's given us the chance to bond over things we really didn't think about discussing before.

Manners and Co, developed 135 conversation cards, split into 7 categories: Philanthropy, Community, Family, Friendship, World, School, and Self. Pick a card and use these open-ended questions to give your kids the confidence they need to facilitate family conversations, teaching them how to initiate, encourage, and include others in mealtime conversations.

This is how we have been using the cards at home:

Sofia picks her card first and then my husband and I go next. Although she can't read yet, we read her question and let her discuss it. She is even getting her little sister involved too, which has made for a ton of laughs. We have seen how it helped her conversation skills and has also been a great tool to use when teaching her not to interrupt, as others are speaking. Now when we use our table talk cards, she knows she has to wait until it's her turn to chime in. Definitely worth it! Oh, and they make for a fun game too when family comes to visit. We have already used them on the grandparents and they love it.

Table Mat Review:

As the girls get older, we want to make sure they learn certain skills from a young age. For Maddy and I, the girls learning some table ettiequte was very important. Simple things like not speaking with your mouth full, being polite at the dinner table and learning how to set up a proper table were some skills. The Table Mat has come in so handy giving the girls a great template. With guidance, the girls have learned how to properly set a table. It is easy to wash and roll up which makes it easy and portable.

Here's some information on the Table Mat :

Their high-quality, food-grade silicone table mat is interactive and full of reminders, tips and tricks for table and social manners. Double-sided for younger and older children. The front of the mat is colorful and engaging for younger children, while the back of the DOUBLE-SIDED mat is created for older children, complete with more detailed tips for table and social manners.

Manners and Co offers a few different products for children three and older and we have linked them below.

Make sure to use code BAMBINADIARIES for a discount at checkout and tag us on social media! We would love to see how your little ones are loving their Manners and Co.

Post is sponsored by Manners and Co.

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