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Teach My Toddler Tuesday - Mother's Day DIY Gifts

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Since Mother's Day is this weekend, we decided to theme yesterday's Teach My Toddler Tuesday all-around simple and thoughtful DIY Mother's Day Gifts. Below I have included three different gift ideas, the materials you will need and step by step instructions. All of the items that I used came from the local Dollar Store, so you know that these gifts won't break the bank.

Sugar Scrub

In order to make this homemade sugar scrub you will need the following ingredients and tools.


1 1/2 cups sugar

1/4 cup olive oil

5-6 drops Citrus Fresh essential oil


Mixing bowl

Small jars



Printable label (available at bottom of this post)

Optional: ribbon

Making the scrub is quite simple. Prepare the bowl with the ingredients listed above and have your little one start mixing. Once all the ingredients are combined you can start filling your jars and sealing them. Print the labels found here and you are all set! For more on this amazing gift idea visit -

Finger Print Art

My mom is a huge fan of art and I decided it would be fun for Sofia to make her very own art piece that my mom can showcase in her home. Below you can find all of the supplies needed to create this art piece and step by step instructions. Feel free to modify as you see fit.


Small canvas (we used a 5×7 canvas) Construction paper Painter’s tape Marker Scissors

Water-based paint Glue Printable Fingerprint Poem

First, I created a heart shape for the center of the canvas, then after pasting it on, I laid out the different colors we would use for Sofia. She absolutely loves painting, so this activity was a huge hit for her. We ended up creating three different canvases and once the paint dried I peeled off the painters tape to reveal the design we had created.

I then added a printable poem that can be found here. For more on this activity visit -

You can also try this option which we did as well -

Handprint Oven Mitt

To be completely honest I actually created this one for myself, but if you have a special woman in your life that loves to cook or bake this is perfect for them. Below are the supplies you will need along with step by step instructions and a super cute printout.


Fabric Paint (I used white and red paint)

Baker’s Twine (optional)


1. Take your oven mitt and place it on a flat surface.

2. Take your child’s hand and paint a little fabric paint on the palm of their hand with a foam brush. Don’t do a lot of paint. If you paint it on so that it isn’t too thick you will get a little more definition of the hand rather than a large glob of paint. You may want to practice on a piece of paper first.

3. Take the child’s hand and hold it steady with your own two hands and gently press it onto the fabric making sure that the entire hand is pressed on the oven mitt.

4. Wash your child’s hand and then let the paint dry.

5. If there are a few areas that did not get enough paint, you can take a small paintbrush and touch up those areas.

6. Take the red paint and paint a heart over the child’s palm print.

7. Print out the free Mother’s Day Poem on some white card stock and attach it with some twine or baker’s twine.

This entire activity was taken from The Idea Room that can be found here -

Fun Tip: Consider gifting this item with a baked good, like cookies or a small cake.

The best part of all, as I finished adding the last minute touches to each gift we had a fun play area for Sofia to paint and stay busy. See below.

Thanks again for joining us and make sure to check out all of the pages we linked for more amazing activities!Three gifts for a total of $11 dollars. See the final product below.

Fork Flower Art Bouquet

A quick and easy gift idea that works perfectly for the quarantine. I had my little one make two different art pieces for her grandmothers in Miami. See below for what we did and the supplies we used.


- metal or plastic fork

- washable paint - blue, green, yellow, orange, red, and purple

- painters tape

- paintbrush

- paper plate

- white paper

We decided to set up a paint and play station where Sofia would create her very own flowers using different color paints and a fork. I drew out the stems and vase for her in advance, taped each piece of paper to the table with blue painters tape and let her have at it. See below for what this looked like.

Once it's completed, you can choose to have it laminated at home and shipped or add it to a frame. If you are framing it, consider cutting the paper size down to a 5 x 7 or 4 x 6 before you paint it.


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