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Stars, Fairies and Lots of Pink

Those were just some of the requests I got when I started getting items for Annemarie's room. Her new found obsession with the color pink was serious and her fascination with fairies was, I thought, adorable. She wanted specific kind of fairies though, which was a challenge until I found her bedsheets from Pottery Barn to help me guide the feel of the room (this set isn't available anymore but these are the second set of fairy sheets I have from PB ) . I wanted to make sure she would have a room she really liked and would want to spend time in, either reading, playing or taking a nap.

After looking up different wall inspo via Pinterest, I decided to paint half the wall in pink (I gave her three options she could pick from). Then based off her bedsheets, decided to put stars on the other half of the wall. I bunched the stars on the corner and then spread them out. I purchased the star decals via amazon. They were easy to put and I love that I can take them off without messing up the wall in the future. Oh! You won't believe where I purchased her reversible comforter, Walmart! I was actually pleasantly surprised with all their home decor options.

Her bed is a classic white iron twin bed from Wayfair. It was pretty easy to build (thank God). There was one I loved from IKEA but the shipping was almost as much as the bed, no thank you. Her nightstand was gifted by Delta Children and I think it goes perfectly with her bed and decor. I love the detailing and how sturdy it is. To top off her nightstand, I used a pink vase, three books and a handmade Virgencita de Guadalupe from Creation Cori.

Now on to the next wall, would you believe me if I told you these frames used to be yellow? I painted them using Avery's wall color which has a more burnt pink tone and purchased these beautiful fairy paintings on Etsy. Her blackout curtains are from Wayfair which she has had since she was little and I highly recommend!

For her "chill out corner" I purchased this tie-dye canopy from Target which got me so excited when I found it! I pictured her reading, playing with her dolls or even using it as a new hiding spot while playing. I purchasde the floor pillow from target as well and it is so comfy! They have a variety of beautiful ones that you can select for any room.

Her dresser is from IKEA and she's had it since she was born. To top off the dresser I purchased a pink butterfly shelf to keep things magical and pink. As always, I love pictures especially now that we aren't living in Miami. I also placed her name sign that she actually painted herself from Nailed It DIY Miami. On the door handle my mom, With Love by Ana, made her a little heart to hang from her door in the same pink as her wall.

Growing up my room was always my special place, so I really hope Annemarie feels the same in her new room!

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