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DIY Project: Nightstands and Dresser

If may have seen a recent story where I showed how we transformed a nightstand my grandfather had made my parents when they first got married. I really didn't want to part with the pieces even though they were dated. My dad and I decided to see if we could transform them so I could use them for the new house.

Lightly Sand. We decided to sand the pieces down, put the primer and then for a smooth surface lighting sand any rough patches.

Primer and Paint. Since I do have a color scheme for the new house I am trying to stick to, I decided to paint the pieces black and add gold handles. We used this primer and paint for all three pieces.

Gold Handles. We decided to make the holes for the handles before anything that way we could sand down the pieces and everything would be smooth. To make sure everything was uniformed my dad made a template to make the holes.

To say I'm happy with how everything came out is an understatement! I can't wait to see everything in our guest room with some other special pieces.


Final Look of the Room

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