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Avery's Nursery

It's crazy to think that Avery had never had a room of her own until we moved to Orlando. Quit different than my experience with Annemarie (I had her room finished by the time I was 6 months pregnant). Needless to say I was so ready for Avery to have her own beautiful space and had been planning for months what I wanted her room to look like.

There were three pain parts when planning for her room. I wanted warm tones, work around the beautiful name sign that Pollyann Collection sent and use the macro wall tapestry from her baby shower. I wanted to make sure although it would be her own vibe of a room, to keep the same feel that the rest of the home does - I wanted it to flow.

Being that Javi left Annemarie's crib in the rental house we had right after we sold our house, I had to start looking for a new furniture. Luckily enough, my youngest niece had just transitioned into a twin bed with new furniture, so my sister gave me the entire set. I always loved it so it was the perfect fit. The rocking chair was from Annemarie's room. We purchased it in Wayfair and I absolutely love it, so comfy and perfect to rock my baby girl to sleep.

Since I wanted the colors to be warm, but girly, I picked a burnt rose color as the accent wall. The name sign from Pollyann is so beautiful I wanted to make sure it had a whole wall to itself right above the crib. The grey in the sign paired perfectly with the grey from the furniture and the pink was a nice subtle contrast to the burnt rose.

Like I mentioned before, I wanted to use the macro wall tapestry from the baby shower, so I placed that over the dresser. It was long enough that it took almost the whole wall so it was the perfect fit. I added some other frames to the wall like a gold elephant, dream catcher and a gold round shelf. I also wanted to get a rug to add a pattern to the room and decided on this tribal area print rug from amazon. I actually had plans to use it somewhere else in the house but when I saw it, I knew it would fit perfectly in Avery's room.

I've never liked house decor to be very cluttered or busy so keeping things simple but with a statement was a goal. I'm really happy with how it came out. I still want to maybe add a little something under the gold shelf and fix the girls closets with organizers, BUT one step at a time.

Other Items:

Gold Bow/Hair Accessories Holder (Home Goods)

Crib Sheets (I have a few and I rotate them)

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