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Krys's Playroom Ft. Nations Photo Lab

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

I'm excited to finally show how the playroom came out and our partnership with Nation Photo Lab. I kept going back and forth with different layouts and designs, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Now, to be honest, one of the main reasons this project took a little longer is because IKEA shipped the toy storage without all the bins. IKEA is taking a long time shipping items so it took an addition 3 weeks to get the missing bins. Either way we decided to go with their TROFAST Toy Storage series in black with white bins. Javi did a great job building it, like any IKEA piece it isn't difficult, just a little time consuming.

I decided I wanted big picture frames, each of the girls. If you know me you know I absolutely love pictures. I am beyond grateful that we were able to partner with Nations Photo Lab to make these pieces come to life. I picked a 24 x 36 black frame with white mat inside to compliment the black within the color scheme of downstairs and to keep things classic. I did have to make sure that the pictures were a certain quality since the prints are very large. (Use code BAMBINA30 for 30% off at checkout) .

Of course it was a no brainer to have our Camp Castle Playmat in the center. The girls love their mat, even Avery! Now that Annemarie is really into imaginative play she spends such a long time playing with her figurines, cars and more on her mat. Another winning feature is how easy it is to clean! Make sure to check out their latest styles. (Make sure to use code BAMBINA at checkout).

We decided that we would use the little kitchen (from IKEA) space for seasonal decor. For Fall, we decided to put a little scarecrow, pumpkins and a letter board. We used the same color green from the dining room to create a house shadow behind the kitchen. Eventually we want to color and transform the kitchen, but that will be in the future (added to our long list).

Other items used:

Safari Animal toy storage. Use code BambinaDiaries for a discount at checkout

The girls love this space and honestly, so do I! Excited to show you later on how this area in our home also has our home office. Stay tuned for that blog. If you have questions on anything please feel free to reach out via Instagram or email us at

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