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Let's get Playing!

A few weeks ago Maddy introduced me to a mama owned company called Young, Wild and Friedman. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't a little skeptical about the concept, but I am so glad I was wrong. So what is Young, Wild and Friedman? They are sensory bins that help your child develop their language, behavior and even calm their anxiety (if they have any).

Sofia received their new Valentine's Kit (which is sold out unfortunately) and Annemarie received their Weather Kit. Take a look at how much fun these girls had with their bins!


"Make your little one's Love day super special with our adorable Valentine Play Dough Kit! This kit comes with everything little hands need to play, learn and explore through sensory play! Make love bugs and monsters with googly eyes and pipe cleaners, set up a valentine shop with pretend chocolate candy, and make cupcakes and hearts with the precious wooden heart stamper! Your children will love storing all of their treasures in the wooden heart treasure chest, and could even paint it for another fun activity! The options are endless and we cant wait for your little ones to enjoy hours and hours of screen free, sensory play!" - Young, Wild + Friedman


"The weather kit is just the cutest and such a fun way to learn about the different seasons! Rainbows, a cloud cookie cutter, a little umbrella, a star stamper, clouds, snow flakes, and so much more! As always, complete with three large balls of homemade, scented sensory dough!" - Young, Wild + Friedman

Not only were the girls entertained for awhile, but they were being creative and using their developmental skills. Maddy and I are all about learning through playing so these kits get a double thumbs up from us!

How to order? Simply go to the following link

Fun fact? They have a monthly subscription which allows you to be one of the first ones to receive their new released themes, like the Valentine's Kit.

Use code bambina5 to receive $5 off your Young, Wild + Friedman kit!


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