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DIY Princess Dresses for Disney Week

This week we were invited to collaborate with a variety of other amazing mom bloggers as a part of Disney Week on the mom blog Simply Bessy. We decided it would be fun to have the girls participate in a Disney activity that speaks to what they love most, Disney princesses!

Just grab a few different colors of playdough and your favorite Disney princesses for a fun-filled afternoon of DIY dress up. Let your little one be the fairy godmother and watch as they create their favorite dresses. It's quick to set up and easy to clean.

Here's how you can try the activity at home. Below we included our supplies and step by step instructions. We hope you enjoy it as much as our girls did!

You will need:

- 3-5 different colors of playdough

- 3-10 different Disney princess figurines

- Optional: have your little one dress up as her favorite Disney princess

We set up the Disney princess figurines in advance for our little ones to chose from and then opened each playdough color for them to see. We made a sample dress for one of the figurines and then let the girls have fun. This is a great activity for their imagination to go wild. They can add hair, accessories, shoes, etc to their doll's DIY outfit. Plus, let your little one dress in her favorite Disney princess outfit or make a little fashion runway for her to show off her latest creations to make this activity even more fun!

Stay tuned for more Disney inspired activities coming next week!


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