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Dining Room Decor

Moving into a new home is so exciting because it is a blank canvas for you to make the space your own. When I saw the floor plan for our new home, I started thinking of all the possibilities and what style/color scheme I wanted to use. I decided on some neutral colors like beige, white, black with a pop of color using dark hunter green. I have always loved the comfy farmhouse style so I didn't have to think much about that, but I wanted to add my own touch.

That's where the dining room comes into play. It was the first room, along with the family room, that I wanted to get working on. I decided to repurpose the dining room table and paint the silver legs black to capture the style I was going for. Our table is originally from El Dorado, but there are so many farmhouse tables available. I particularly love the ones from Nadeau. Since I am always on the hunt for a good deal, I was pleasantly surprised when I found the black industrial chairs at Walmart. Not only were they four for $99, but they were easy to assemble and extremely sturdy. For the picture wall, I ordered the frames and pictures via Amazon. Although, I liked how the pictures came out, I recommend Nations Photo Lab (use code BAMBINA5 for a discount) for better quality. If you want the pictures to be larger, here is the link for those frames via Amazon. I brought everything together with the sign "This is us" from an etsy shop.

For the center piece I wanted something that was little to no maintenance and that would work throughout the seasons. I love fresh flowers but in other area of the house. I went to a local store called The Heavy. It was really hard to not want to buy the whole store! I was in heaven and bought other pieces for the house that I'll show later on. The bar cart is from Nadeau. I love its' vintage farmhouse feel, especially against the accent wall.

All in all, I'm so happy with how everything came out! For us, it is the perfect space to share a meal, drinks, stories and laughs with family and friends. Most importantly it's our home.

Home detail from With Love by Ana

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