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1, 2 , 3 ... Count & Color with Me

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Going back to my teaching roots and LIGHTLY planning some activities ahead for the girls this week. Keep in mind that everything is supposed to be fun especially since these activities are geared for little ones. Last week we worked on our colors so some reinforcement activities will be sprinkled throughout the week along with some numbers/counting activities.


  1. Intro Video via Brain Pop Jr.

  2. Caterpillar and Counting: After creating and putting together the caterpillar I will play a little game with the girls where they need to put X amount of color shapes to the corresponding color on the caterpillar (ex: put 2 red circles on the red part of the caterpillar). You can play around and make the game more difficult by adding shapes into the mix (ex: put 2 hearts and 2 circle on the color red).

3. Play outside and go on a Color Scavenger Hunt


  1. Intro Counting Video - Sing Along

  2. Number Box Activity

3. Color Cloud and Counting Activity. To incorporate numbers, I will be writing a ascending numbers on the colored papers. Red-1 Orange-2, Yellow-3 etc.

4. Mobile Activity: Cosmic Kids Yoga


1. Smack the Number Game



Friday you can pick you favorite activities of the week and see if your little one can do them on his/her own! #fridayfavorites


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