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Women's History Month Activities & more!

March officially marks Women's History Month and we wanted to do a quick round-up of our favorite reads and activities you can enjoy with your little ones. Make sure to save this and tag us @bambinadiaries if you try them!

Favorite Brand for You and Her!

Our shirts pictures above are from an amazing brand called Piccolina Kids. They actually just launched a Women's History Month line that you can shop right now, by clicking the photo below.

Our Favorite Books:

Click on each book to purchase!

Activity Ideas:

Brightly offers some great activities that you can enjoy with your kids, paired with some amazing reads for Women's History Month.

Try creating paper airplanes in honor of Amelia Earhart!

Check out your local museum to see what fun activities or exhibits they are offering to highlight important women in history. The National Women’s History museum site is great for a virtual field trip.

Watch this video by PBS Kids to learn more about Women's History Month

Discover the important women in your own "history"! Share photos of family relatives and important memories that the women in your family have made.

Enjoy these super cute coloring pages by

Consider watching the film Girl Rising

Here's a list of the 50 best movies to watch for Women's History Month

Looking for ideas on Pinterest? Check out this board

For more visit (they have some great teacher resources here

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