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Casita Rodriguez Travels to Puerto Rico

We just got back from an unforgettable trip to Puerto Rico and although it was amazing, we had never taken a whole week vacation with the kids. Another unique factor, it was technically a work trip for Javi, so that meant that from Monday to Thursday I was pretty much riding solo with the kids. Javi came home a few weeks ago and asked me if I would go with him and take the kids. Initially my answer was, "Are you crazy? Absolutely not!" When I told my mom, sister and a few others, their responses were all the same - GO! So go I went ...

I packed, made a little list of things I might want to do with the kids and went with an EXTREMELY open mind. I made sure I wasn't planning every moment of the day, didn't have high expectations and reminded myself to look at the bigger picture - we were going to make some amazing memories.

We arrived on Monday and stayed at the Sheraton Puerto Rico Hotel & Casino which was great because it is steps away from Distrito T-Mobile and located just 10 minutes from the international airport and five minutes from the historic Old San Juan. I immediately got the kids and started to explore. From Monday to Thursday we went on a variety of adventures: Old San Juan, Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Museo del Nino Carolina, indoor playground and more. Did I have my moments? Of course I did, but I never let it get me down.

If I'm being candid, I think the hardest part was getting the kids to understand why daddy wasn't doing these adventures with us, especially if by chance plans changed and he had to work a little later etc. Javi and I learned a few lessons ourselves since I had never accompanied him on a work trip.

Some tips when traveling with little ones solo:

  • I took an Uber everywhere since I didn't feel comfortable driving in the island by myself.

  • I took a compact stroller.

  • I took my Lululemon crossbody that Maddy gifted me and then took a BLOP travel cube to carry wipes, diapers and a change of clothes for Avery/Alec.

  • I divided my day in two: morning adventure, hotel nap, afternoon adventure.

  • I took every day step by step, I didn't overwhelm myself and gave myself a lot of grace.

  • I took help from people when they offered.

  • I treated myself to a yummy drink during dinner, if you don't drink then treat yourself to something for being an amazing mom!

Friday came quickly and we were all excited to drive down to Javi's (my husband) hometown - Ponce, Puerto Rico. We saw his grandmother's statue, Parque de Bombas and a few other places. We then drove to the family beach house in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico.

Moments I gave myself grace and laughed off:

  • While we were having snow cones, Avery picked up a random straw from the floor and tried using it to have hers.

  • We drove to a park that google suggested even though it was closed to the community.

  • Annemarie sat on a half eaten gummy bear and had a red stain on her butt for the day.

  • Lost Avery's iPad at dinner (never found it).

  • Alec threw something that was part of the museum display down the second floor.

  • When Alec got a little fuzzy on the airplane and the lady in front turned around and rolled her eyes.

My biggest advise is take that trip or take that leap and trust yourself as a mom, with everything you do! You can totally do it. I seriously can't wait to go on our next adventure!

To watch more of our trip to Puerto Rico visit our Instagram page and click the Puerto Rico tab!

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23. Aug. 2022

Thanks for sharing! I am taking a trip with my son in a few weeks to the beach and this was so helpful!

Gefällt mir
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