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Stress-Free Travel with BabyQuip

Earlier this month, we decided to travel down to Florida for my best friend's wedding. I truly had not thought this through since I was driving down with a 3-year-old and a 2-month-old for 9 hours!! The ride itself is not the bad part its the packing and then trying to figure out how to load all of it in the car.

I bet you would agree that kids come with so much stuff. As parents when we traveled without kids we had three bags max. Now, I can't even fit everything in my small SUV or my husband's midsize SUV. So, I realized that I had a HUGE problem and needed a solution. Thankfully, after researching a few alternatives via Google, I came across a company called BabyQuip.

They are the #1 baby equipment rental service, offering clean, safe and insured equipment to over 400 locations in the US and Canada. I was skeptical at first and truly couldn't wrap my head around the idea but when I reached out to them to collaborate and went through the booking process, I couldn't believe that I had been traveling without them. Before I share my review, here is how the process works:

The day arrived for my items to be delivered but a few days before my contact had already reached out to me. She had confirmed all of my travel information and even made recommendations on a few of the items I had selected. Just so you know, in my BabyQuip booking I had requested the following items: a bottle sanitizer, foldable crib + mattress, baby tub, toddler booster seat, changing pad and monitor.

When my items arrived, many of them were brand new and had never been used. Those that were used had been properly sanitized and my contact even provided me with extra sheets and covers for my changing pad and the crib mattress. She was in contact with me during my entire stay in Miami and offered to help in any way she could. I have never traveled with such peace of mind and best of all I didn't have to worry about how to fit all of it back in my car. Plus, my daughter slept so well that we decided to purchase this foldable mini crib for our house. You can find it on Amazon here -

A few things to keep in mind:

1. Give yourself enough time to make the reservation and properly select your contact and your items. You don't want to rush this process.

2. After booking, you can always make modifications through your contact. They are great resources for you during your travel experience.

3. BabyQuip also provides items for toddlers too! I used them for my daughter's booster seat.

4. If you no longer have kids that need this equipment, consider becoming a quality provider and earn extra cash! Click here ->

5. Below is a quick list of some of their popular gear rental destinations. If you are traveling to any of these locations book now.

I had such a great experience that I wanted to share a special promo code with all of you, so you can try it out for yourselves or gift it to a new mom, friend or relative. Use the code BAMBINADIARIES and receive 10% off your BabyQuip reservation.

Happy Travels!!

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