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Thoughtful Sunday

A while back, I (Krys) used to post "random thoughts" on our IG stories and little by little I stopped. Maybe it was because I thought no one really cared to know my random thoughts or maybe I was sharing too much, or maybe it was just because life got complicated. Whatever the case may be, I've decided to bring it back but in the form of a blog. I guess you can say its my random thoughts round up for the week lol. My idea is that even if one person can relate to me and make them feel like they're not alone, then my mission is complete. It is also a form of therapy too. Ever since I was little, I always kept a journal and writing my thoughts and feelings has always been therapeutic for me.

So what are my random thoughts this week?

For one, holy baby, I am getting close to my due date. Things are starting to get more real that soon I'll be going from one to two little girls and although I am excited, there is also a sense of wonder as to how my life will change (not bad just change). Then I start thinking that the closer I get to my due date means the closer I am to moving my life to Orlando - a big new adventure with two little girls and my humorous husband.

Which leads me to my "big thought" this week. In every marriage I feel there is always a topic(s) that isn't always easy to have and triggers certain emotions - money, family, religion, etc. For Javi and I, since day one the topic of money hasn't been horrible, but it's not really something we LOVE to talk about. Javi was the big money saver because of how he grew up and I was the more "let's save but enjoy the money we work hard for". With a lot of patience and hard work, we've learned how to compromise and balance each other out. It's so funny how the roles have even reversed now and I am the one who makes excel spreadsheets and handles the money - go figure!

This Saturday I was a little worried because we had planned on having a little money talk date. It's something that we started to do when we were dating and living together to not make the conversation so tense and keep the mood light. Normally we would have a glass of wine while discussing or touching base with our financials, but since I'm pregnant we stuck to just a table, coffee, laptop and some chill music. I was so proud of us and how far we've come. We checked on our budget, checked if we were on track and adjusted anything we noticed wasn't working or was off. When we finished we gave each other a high-five and started laughing because we both knew deep inside we had accomplished something big - talking, compromising and coming to an agreement with both of us happy. Marriage isn't easy, relationships aren't easy, they take a lot of work and the beautiful thing about them is how you see them transform for the good.

I guess you can say my thoughts this week showed me that although we can plan and anticipate, you just have to let things work themselves out, have a little faith, let go and be proud of the progress.

My truthful thoughts.


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Bambina Diaries
Bambina Diaries
Nov 11, 2019

Trying as much as we can! Thought I’d share in case it helps anyone :)


Nov 10, 2019

Loving the idea of have a financial talk date night! Sounds like you both really know how to run this thing right!

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