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The Gift of Reading

As someone who taught for 7 years, I know how important reading is for any child. Reading is the key to learning and imagination - so what better gift to give this holiday season!?

I am encouraging that any parent in Miami-Dade County with children three years or younger sign up for this FREE Read to Learn Book Club by visiting the website linked below. 

This free, monthly book club is open to all three-year-olds in Miami-Dade County. On their third birthday, all children are eligible to receive a free book every month, delivered to their home. You do not have to wait until your child turns three to sign up, in fact you are highly encouraged to register as early as you desire. 

The Book Club supports The Children's Trust Read to Learn initiative, which was formed in response to research showing that early reading experiences, opportunities to build vocabulary and literacy-rich environments are the most effective ways to support the development of prereading and cognitive skills, so children are reading at or above grade level by third grade. 

You can get a head start by registering your child for the FREE Read to Learn Book Club, for all children age 3. By signing up, you can also help instill positive habits in your children's life by introducing them to the importance of reading from early on. 

The book club is a shared learning experience between parent and child. After registering, you will receive a book each month as well as an activity guide for you and your child to work on.  

Make this season bright and give the gift of reading and knowledge to your little one!

The Read to Learn Book Club is funded and administered by The Children's Trust, Miami-Dade Family Learning Partnership and Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe.

Disclaimer: The Read to Learn Book Club does not give away book bags with the monthly books & activity guides; these were only used as gifts to bloggers as a thank you for sharing the information about the Book Club

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