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Sunday Thoughts - Party of Four and more

This December, we welcomed our greatest Christmas gift, Avery Grace. We were over the moon but to be honest, being a mom of two hit me like a ton of bricks right away. My heart completely broke as I saw Annemarie get emotional when she realized she couldn't stay with us and her new baby sister at the hospital. Having to explain to her why she had to leave with her Abby and Abo as she starred at me with tears in her eyes, gave me so much guilt. Luckily, we were able to go home Christmas afternoon and open presents together. It was so cute seeing Annemarie show her sleeping sister all her new toys that Santa had brought her. Like all things, I was reminded that this is just a phase. The girls will only be little for so long and since Javi and I are 95% sure we're "closing shop" I want to savor all these moments - the good, the messy and the loving.

On a lighter note, we finally made some progress on our move to Orlando. We selected Annemarie's school and finally have the green light for the house to start construction. I'm in this in between place of excitement but also nervous about the next few months. Taking it day by day is definitely helping! What I've been doing for some distractions/relaxation? Watching The Messiah on Netflix, journaling, cuddling with Annemarie at bedtime and having a nice glass of wine. I hope this week, you too, are able to take it day by day and find something that allows you to relax and take all of life's curveballs.

Truthfully and honestly,

Krys <3

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