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Staying Organized with Bloom Daily Planners

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Now that Annemarie will be starting school in August and we are expecting our second baby, I wanted to make sure that I kept things organized. As we all know, mom life is a busy life. Lucky enough, we were able to partner up with Bloom Daily Planners and I wanted to share my review on all the items I was gifted to fit my needs.

*PREGNANCY & BABY'S FIRST YEAR PLANNER & CALENDAR: Since I was pregnant with Annemarie, I have always kept a journal with my thoughts, her milestones and memories I would like her to read one day. To be honest, I have been horrible lately and even worse with starting Avery's journal so this planner/calendar was a great way to not only stay organized but write memories like when and where my husband and I found out we were expecting. The beginning of the planner starts with adding the first sonogram on your little peanut. Then it goes into more details and even asked you to fill out a simple family tree. What I liked most is that it goes in stages, so it starts with when you found out, your actual pregnancy, preparing for your little bundle of joy with helpful tips and lists (baby shower registry suggestions) and then your little ones first year. Best part? Not only is it beautiful but it's not heavy! It's also a nice way to disconnect a little and write things down.

* 2019-20 SOFT COVER DAILY PLANNER & CALENDAR, CLEERELY STATED + BRITTANY RAWLS: If you know me, you know I love planners. Ever since I was in middle school I loved to decorate my planner and write all the important events and appointments I had. My biggest issue with most planner though? The weight and the useless amount of things inside. I wanted a simple planner that I could carry with me and was pretty/inspirational. I selected a planner that has the saying, "be thankful for every new day". I thought it would be a good reminder before I start my day and look at what's ahead. I feel sometimes we get so caught up in the simple things we forget to be grateful. Below are some specific details of this planner:

  • DIMENSIONS: 6" wide (with binding) x 8.25" tall x .4" thick, 10 oz.

  • Calendars run from August 2019 to July 20202 page monthly spreads followed by spacious weekly viewsPremium features include monthly tabs, 100gsm bright white paper, metal lay-flat spiral binding, and vertical front and back inside cover pocketsSturdy, lightweight covers are made from thick cardstock with matte film lamination making them flexible, yet durable

  • Supplemental pages including:1 personal info page with yearly mission statement prompt, 1 important dates list, 1 yearly goal setting page, 1 sample goal tracking page, 1 2019-20 "the year of more/less" page, 1 2019-20 vision board page, 4 weekly scheduling templates, 4 notes pages, 4 things to do lists, 3 address book pages, 1 website logins page, 1 how I bloomed in 2019 page, 1 plan to bloom in 2010 page, 1 important dates for next year page

  • Other extras include: monthly reflection questions, inspirational quotes, shaded weekends, 2019 & 2020 yearly views printed on front and back inside covers

  • This is part of our bloom gives back line! We've partnered with Cleerely Stated and artist Brittany Rawls. 8% of all proceeds from this project are donated to this team, who has chosen to give back to Third Street Education Center. Third Street Education Center is an all boys private school that focuses on minorities and poverty-stricken families where students are fostered, educated, and equipped in all areas so that they can grow to be loving, supportive, and stable adults.

*BALLPOINT PLANNER PEN, MARBLE: I don't know if it's the teacher in me, but I love pretty pens that write well. I wanted a pen that would be specifically used for both my Bloom Daily Planners. I love how smooth it writes and the marble design. Some details to keep in mind:

  • DIMENSIONS: 5.5" tall x .33" wide 

  • Click top ballpoint pen with smooth black ink 

  • Seamless classic marble design 

  • Gold clip top to attach into your planner's binding

Make sure to check out all the available collections from Bloom Daily Planners, from wedding planners to digital products, they have an array of products to help keep everyone stay organized!

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