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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Many of you have asked us for more resources like links, ideas, recommendations and sample schedules for your little one(s) during this time. Keep in mind that rotating these activities plus reading your child's response to them is key. I personally have a list and I scratch the online resources and activities off once I've used it for the week. In addition, if your child was sent home school work, like worksheets, make sure to keep them exciting. As someone who previously taught middle school for seven years, learning needs to be fun! Worksheets will get boring and will make your child restless. Try doing worksheets outside, or have a lunch picnic or do brain breaks every so often.

Below we have broken everything up in categories:


Keep in mind that these are just templates that you can play around with and don't feel you need to stick by them every single day. See how your little one is feeling and the mood he/she is in.

Online Resources:

Spelling City (use code: VSCFREEGO)

Indoor Activity Resources:

1. Make it a family game night

2. Create a fort in your living room out of blankets or cardboard boxes.

3. Camp outside, make s'mores and tell stories

4. Screen your favorite movie in the living room

5. Host a special talent show with your family

6. Create your own scavenger hunt

7. Bake your own pizza or cookies

8. Build an indoor obstacle course in your living or playroom

9. Host a contest only the family can participate in - Who can get dressed the fastest, etc

10. Have an indoor picnic

11. Workout together. Kids love modeling behavior so let them join you on a simple workout like Yoga, running, cycling, etc.

12. Host a cook-off, with all families members participating by making their favorite dish

Links for more ideas:

Our Activity Gallery: To try any of these activities or learn more about them, visit our IG @bambinadiaries!

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