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I can't believe a year has passed already .... 

It's funny because everyone told me to enjoy every moment no matter how stressful or tired I was and I am so glad I did. But where did the time go? Do you ever feel like you're playing a tug-of-war with yourself in wanting your little one to stay little, but you also are so excited to see them learn new things and grow into little adults? 

I remember the first night she finally slept in her crib -OH MY was that hard for me. I was so proud of my husband and I for accomplishing that goal, but at the same time I remember thinking to myself how sad I was that I wouldn't have her right next to me. So once in a while - like this past Saturday - I let her sleep with us (I know I know bad habits but I just don't care).  If I learned anything this past year it is not to sweat the small stuff and cherish every moment. As it states in one of my favorite books, “There is a reason God limits our days.''Why?''To make each one precious.” ― The Time Keeperby Mitch Albom.

Which is one of the main reasons I decided to keep her birthday nice and simple. I know the common and trendy thing is to have a huge 1st birthday - but I just didn't want that. I knew I would stress over it and having my husbands family live in Orlando I knew that would make it hard for them to come down. I just wanted to enjoy and celebrate her first year of life in a fun and magical way with close family and friends. What better place - Disney! I know seeing her meet the characters and eating her first Mickey Ears is going to be such an amazing experience. And yeah - she probably won't remember it,  but that is okay because that is what pictures are for!

So this April 24th, I will be thankful for my biggest blessing that is Annemarie and all the joy she has brought to my little tribe - my family. 

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