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#Nowmorethanever Disney Playdate

Thanks to Disney we were able to have the best playdate with Annemarie's cousins! There were even some special guests like Miss Piggy and Olaf. Read below for the fun details ...

All items were gifted and paid by Disney.

The girls actually wanted to help me set up, especially the oldest, Valentina. Once the decorations and games were ready we began the fun. We were gifted all things Elena of Avalor which is a favorite amongst the girls.

The girls were very eager to play the games, especially one they had never tried which was to crown Princess Elena blindfolded - even Abby got in the fun! Annemarie being the youngest, wasn't a fan of being blindfolded but she still got a turn placing the crown on Elena.

Next two activities included fortune-telling and some yummy candy. For the fortune-telling game the girls took turning picking colors and numbers to see which Disney character would be in their future. Of course even I played and got Mickey Mouse!

One of the big activities was the beautiful Elena of Avalor piñata Disney so nicely gifted us. This was another first for Annemarie, but her cousins were right there helping and guiding her. They all collected their favorite treats and showed off their goodies bags! What they didn't know, is that there were more surprises inside.

When we went back into the house to enjoy a delicious Popped Passion, along with a Cinderella doll and a Mickey pillow pet. Maia was quick to hug and give Mickey a big kiss!

The grand finale was that they all sat and watched The Little Mermaid, while eating their yummy treats.

A huge thank you to Disney for sponsoring this fun and memorable playdate!

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