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Mom Planning and Meal Prep with Bloom Daily Planners

Baby #2 is officially five weeks away and I wanted to share how helpful Bloom Daily Planners has been for a "nesting" mom that is looking to stay organized, while also planning weekly meals and looking to stay on budget at Publix. Here is my review on the amazing Bloom Daily Planners products, that I now can't live without!

I wanted something that included it all in one and this planner definitely has it. From a calendar, to a notes section, top to's, appointment times, and even a water counter, it was everything this pregnant mom needed. Plus, a special section on what I am most grateful for, which is always a good way to start the day. Here's more on the planner's specs:

DIMENSIONS: 8.25" tall x 6.5" wide (with binding) x 1.5" thick, 1.4 lb

  • Calendars are UNDATED but run from January to December

  • 12 monthly view spreads

  • 365 daily to list style pages per planner

  • Each daily sheet includes:

  • Date (month & day only) 

  • 3 "must do today!" lines

  • 13 "other to-dos" lines

  • 1 "important times" section

  • 1 "today I'm grateful for" section

  • 1 "meals" section broken out for breakfast, lunch & dinner

  • 1 "exercise" section

  • Water tracking! Mark off your 8 glasses of water per day to stay healthy

Supplemental pages including: (1) Personal info page with mission statement prompt, (1) Goal setting page, (1) Vision board page, (5) Notes pages, (1) How I bloomed this year page, (1) Important dates for next year page.


2 vertical pockets on front and back inside covers

Metal spiral binding allows your planner to lay flat on your desk

Not sure which planner would work best for you? Bloom Daily Planners offers an overview of all of their planner layouts here!


It was exactly what I needed to make grocery shopping fast and easy, especially with a toddler. The pad breaks out common groceries by section of the store so you can avoid wandering back and fourth between aisles to get everything you need! Specifications and features include:

DIMENSIONS: 6" wide x 9" tall x .4" thick, 10.7 oz. 

  • Fields include produce, condiments, canned goods, beverages, breads/grains, snacks, baking/spices, frozen foods, deli, meat/protein, dairy, for the home, paper/plastic, toiletries, pet care 

  • 2 magnets on the back to hang on your fridge! 

  • Every section has 3-16 commonly purchased items

  • PLUS blank spaces to write in additional items 

  • Versatile design: check off items at home as you run out OR as you pick them up at the store!

  • 60 tear off sheets per pad! That's more than a full year's worth of weekly grocery trip planning!

Let's just say I have used it every time I go to the grocery store and will never leave home without it. My husband even loved it too and it REALLY helped me stay on budget and not wander the aisles getting random things I actually didn't need.

It's the perfect compliment to the grocery list and makes it so easy for me to meal plan for the week.

Fun fact that Bloom Daily Planners shared: "Did you know Americans routinely throw away 25% of their groceries, costing a family of four somewhere around $1,400 to $2,300 per year?!"

For our family, meal planning has saved us time, money, and has been great for our health. The the meal planning pad from Bloom Daily Planners was a great way to get me through the sometimes overwhelming process of weekly meal planning. It helped me map out all of our breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the week ahead, plus it organized my grocery list by aisle for a faster, more efficient trip! Specifications and features include:

DIMENSIONS: 8.5" wide x 11" tall

  • 2 magnets on back to securely hang on your fridge!

  • Left side has spaces to plan breakfast, lunch & dinner, Monday through Sunday

  • Right side features **Perforated Shopping List!** Easily tear off and bring this section to the grocery store!

  • Shopping list organized by aisle to streamline your shopping trip

  • 60 tear off sheets per pad. Enough for a full year of weekly meal planning!

I have been using their grocery list and meal planning pad for a few weeks now and it has been great. My little one loves to hold the list for me too!

For more Bloom Daily Planner items visit ->

Plus, don't forget to sign up for their FREE printables and downloads library! Free phone & desktop backgrounds to match your bloom products, bill trackers, meal planners, holiday printables, and much more.

Best of all they just released their 2020 planners and have a special sale going on right now! Thanks again Bloom Daily Planners, you have made this mom's life so much easier :)

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