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Mi Virgencita

I can't express how excited I am about about this collection, to be more specific - the "Mi Virgencita" necklace. 

How was it designed? 

For awhile now I have been wanting to create a personal piece but continued to get discouraged and second guessed myself. Luckily my amazing support system encouraged me and with the help of my very talented sister, we brainstormed and drew out our idea. 

What inspired this piece?

My mom has always shared her love and admiration for the Virgin Mary. Since we were little we each had our designated "virgencitas." I had the Immaculate Mary and my sister had Our Lady of Lourdes. As I grew older, Mary and her different forms always appeared in my life. From the schools I taught at to even the church I was married in - she has always been a strong presence in my life. A symbol of unconditional love, a role model, a figure of strength and staying strong in your beliefs - someone I truly want to emulate. 

What I hope for this piece?

I hope that clients who share my love and faith in the Virgin Mary will enjoy this piece and when they wear it,  will be a little reminder of their faith, strength and their unique connection. 

Options for the necklace?

This necklace will be available in sterling silver or 14k Gold.  You may also select which style of chain you would like - classic or classic with pearls. Lastly, you may select which size pendant - petite (dime size) or standard (nickel size).

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