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It's Potty Time!

One of our goals for 2020 is to get Annemarie 100% potty trained so we decided to hunker down Saturday evening and all Sunday with some friends - a potty watch, stickers, potty chart and big girl potty training undies.

Every thirty minutes the potty watch would play a song and flash its lights. This would get Annemarie so excited! We would rush to the toilet, pee, put a sticker on her chart and do a little dance to celebrate. We decided that as long as she went willing to the toilet, she would get a sticker for her efforts.

I also decided to get a cover for the toilet when we are out and about. This folding traveling potty seat is awesome! Easy to use and not heavy to store in my bag.

Go to our instagram and click the highlight tab called "Potty Training" to see our system in action, along with swipe up links to all the products.

Don't have social media? Don't worry, below are all the links.

Potty Training Undies:

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