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It's Changing Time with Lumi by Pampers

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

This past month, Krystal and I had shared our experience using Pampers' newest line, Lumi by Pampers on our Instagram @BambinaDiaries. It honestly came at the perfect time for the two of us, since we just welcomed our newest additions to the family. So, we decided to share a bit more about the brand below, as well as highlight some of our favorite features for new moms or moms of 2 or more, like us!

To see our experience first hand - CLICK HERE

First, let's explain what Lumi is!

Lumi by Pampers is the all-in-one system to help understand your baby's daily development. Get helpful content & insights to best support your baby's unique development journey. Track diapering, feedings, sleeping routines, and milestones.

The system has a few different options for purchase, depending on your needs.

The baby monitor system for a sleep nourishing routine

Crystal clear view of your baby + seamless sleep tracking that helps you build a routine, the key to Golden Sleep.

Seamlessly create a routine that promotes better sleep for all with complete sleep tracking

No compromise on clarity even when you zoom in, amazing night vision, room temperature, and humidity tracking, two-way and background audio.

Best of all, if you are expecting you can add it to your registry too! Here's what it looks like to add any of these items to your registry.


After deciding which option is best for your family, there are a few things you should know.

1. Parent approved and you can read a few parent stories here - Read Stories

2. Co-developed with pediatricians. Their expertise spans pediatrics, pediatric sleep & childhood nutrition. Check out their panel here - meet the experts!

3. You get an automatic 45-day satisfaction guarantee & free 2-day shipping upon purchase.

4. Your spouse and any additional caregivers can easily access the Lumi app and view sleep, diaper and feeding schedules, as well as access the Lumi cam.

5. The Lumi sleep sensor automatically tracks your baby’s sleep patterns to help you create a routine that works for the whole family. It’s enhanced with Velcro ® to securely attach to Lumi diapers.

6. The Lumi App brings the system together and transforms your baby’s data into personalized insights to help you understand their unique development journey.

7. Ordering a replenishment of diapers is so easy! Just visit the website, log in and start your order. Fun fact, consider choosing two different sizes with your diaper order so you can always have the next size up if needed.

8. The sensor uses Bluetooth Low Energy. 1-year use of Lumi is the same energy level as a 10-second smartphone call. Here is an overview of this super cool device.

We hope you enjoyed reading our feedback on the Lumi by Pampers product. We absolutely love using it and hope you will too. Plus, make sure to check our Instagram for promotions, coupons and even an upcoming giveaway on this amazing product.


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