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Holy Week Activities

Holy Week officially starts on Sunday, April 5th and lasts till Sunday, April 11th, so we decided to share some of our favorite activities with all of you! Here's a list of a few resources that you can use at home. We hope you enjoy them!


Palm Sunday Craft + Dance Party

Free coloring page

Monday through Wednesday

Share the story of Jesus with Resurrection Eggs

Easter Story Snack Mix

Create handprints to tell simple stories for each day


The Last Supper Skit


Stations of the Cross for Children


Make Easter Story Cookies


Share Easter's meaning with the Jelly Bean Rainbow and Easter Poem

Additional resources

For reference, below is a great recap of what happens during Holy Week from

  • Palm Sunday: Liturgical color, red. Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem, the people wave palm branches at him shouting “Hosanna”. 

  • Holy Monday: Liturgical color, purple. Jesus and his disciples go into the temple, and Jesus overturns the tables since people are selling things rather than praying there. 

  • Holy Tuesday: Liturgical color, purple. Jesus and the disciples return to the temple and teach the people many things with parables and give the people the new commandment. 

  • Holy Wednesday (AKA Spy Wednesday): Liturgical color, purple. Judas agrees to hand over Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

  • Holy Thursday (AKA Green Thursday): Liturgical color, white. Jesus has the Last Supper, which is the institution of the Eucharist and also the first mass. He also washes the feet of his disciples. Jesus asks his disciples to pray in the garden with him all night, and they fall asleep. 

  • Good Friday: Liturgical color, black. Jesus dies on the cross. All the things from the stations of the cross happen this day.

  • Holy Saturday: Jesus is dead in the tomb. The evening of Holy Saturday is considered the “vigil”, and Easter celebrating can begin then. 

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