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Hmmm ... is she serious?

For most pregnant women, when they hear the word sonogram they get excited for the chance to see their beautiful growing baby and especially excited to hear the heartbeat. I know sometimes we get a little nervous just because crazy thoughts run through our mind, but for the most part it's a happy appointment.

I recently went on a little rant in stories because I had a HORRIBLE experience with a sonogram tech. In typical Krys fashion, I arrived to my 12 week sonogram which they check a variety of things for Down Syndrome to combine it with their findings on the bloodwork the office took the previous week. I waited patiently for an HOUR and received countless sorries from the front desk, which I reassured them wasn't an issue. Now, you have to remember, in these COVID times I am not allowed to go with ANYONE, not Javi, not Avery, not my mother, NO ONE. You attend your visits by yourself like a big girl.

The technician finally calls my name and I excitedly get up and walk towards her. I was greeted with "the next time you're this late to your appointment I won't see you". I felt multiple things, if you know me you know that I am a typical gemini. I am extremely sweet until you piss me off. I turn on this switch and the person on the receiving end better start praying. Now, it takes certain things for this to happen. Someone is malicious, lies, etc. - something important not just because. But okay back to the story, I quickly collect myself and remind myself that she will be doing Alec's very important sonogram so let's try to flip that frown upside down and clear the air before I rip her a new one. So, I nicely explain to her that actually I was the one that was at the appointment early and waited an hour. Oh! I forgot to mention that she saw my chart and assumed that because of my last name I speak Spanish, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Why? Because you shouldn't assume anything about anyone. When I responded to her in Spanish she then tells me "oh okay, I can tell Spanish isn't your first language, would you rather I speak to you in English". Okay now this lady was really pushing it so I showed her a little of my fiesta hispanic blood. My response? "Actually you're right, although my parents were born in Cuba, I was born in Miami and do have a little accent at times. I noticed you have a big accent in your English, where are you from?", BOOM in your face lady, you better slow your roll.

To make a long story short, it didn't end there. She told me hearing the baby's heartbeat wasn't part of this sonogram - wtf?!?!?! Then she quickly took little screenshots of Alex, which were horrible, and printed them out and handed them to me. She told me she gave me extra for my troubles, but at that point the damages had been done and honestly, the pictures were horrible.

When I shared my story on IG stories, so many of you shared crazy stories and honestly my heart felt for each one. This should be a happy experience, obviously keeping in mind that God forbid something is wrong, but the tech being rude shouldn't be part of the equation.

Oddly enough, I NEVER received an email asking to fill out a survey of how my visit went which I normally do. Yesterday when I went to my doctors office to have a routine checkup the front desk lady informed me that my emails kept bouncing so she wanted to verify my email, shocker my email had been changed in the system - hmmm strange. When I was called in and finally met with the doctor he asked me how things were going and soon after asked are we ready to hear the heartbeat? This was my chance!!! I quickly told him that I was so excited to finally hear the heartbeat since I wasn't allowed in my last sonogram. Perplexed, he asked me why was that so I immediately told him the story leaving no details behind. He was in shock and clearly upset. I also shared my worry that although this is my third pregnancy I would hate for a first time mom who has to deal with so much already during these times to have THAT kind of experience. He agreed with me and quickly called in his office manager to write down my full experience so she can call that office to put in a formal complaint - OH BOY!

Good news? I was able to hear my baby boy's heartbeat so clear and loud. It was a special moment and I even recorded it! My next sonogram is the anatomy one, which always makes me a little nervous. Luckily Javi gets to come with me, I am soooooo excited. He's only seem baby Alec in pictures. I promise to keep you updated and share how that visit goes.

Sending you lots of love and positive vibes - don't be THAT tech lady!

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