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Daddy Diary

We asked our husbands to share with us a funny story of their interactions with our little ones. Below is the first of many funny stories that our husbands have and we hope you enjoy it! - Krystal & Maddy 

Dads, have you ever had to change your little ones diaper? Well we did! You see our little girls are our world and although we try and help our wives as much as we can, the thought of changing a poop diaper made us want to hurl. Javi and I were talking about the moment we had to change our baby girls' diapers and funny enough we both had the same reactions. 

You see as a Dad, you pride yourself on being manly and never being weak, especially to your daughter. So when the day came for us to have to change a nasty diaper, I was beyond glad that my acting skills from high school never left me. I remember my wife saying, "Honey, its your turn!" I started to think to myself, well this shouldn’t be too bad. Oh was I wrong!

I remember seeing my wife peeking through the door and staring, just waiting for me to mess something up. So much pressure! I placed my daughter on the changing table and she suddenly looks up at me with this face of “wait you aren’t mom!” The smell starts to reach my nose and I keep repeating to myself, "keep it together, you got this!” And then you open the diaper and witness the madness. You think to yourself, how can something so small make something so horrible...?

I remember that I started to think about just calling the wife in to finish, but then I said, “wait! She’ll never let this go if I can’t do it”. So I proceeded and after about 30 wipes, my baby girl was finally clean. I don't know if it was the fact that I was in shock that I had actually done it or what, but I remember my daughter looking at me with a funny smirk that said, “you did it daddy!”

That look made it all worth it. My wife still peaks in every once in a while, through the door, but now with a smile as I help change the baby's diaper. But what she doesn't know is that every time I do a good job it feels like I am walking around with an “S” on my chest and secretly whispering to my wife, ”not for nothing, but I did a better job of cleaning her than you.” DROP THE MIC and walk away. So for all the new dads out there, just stick it through, we promise that once you change your first one the next one is a breeze or so we hope 

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