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Better Snacking for Everyone, Including MOM with Creative Snacks Co!

Running from place to place and never having time to sit down is an everyday activity for us as moms. We caught ourselves grabbing whatever we could, just to fuel our bodies but realized either we skipped meals or just ate junk. Thankfully, we came across Creative Snacks Co just in time. They are all about Better Snacking For Everyone, and that was just what we needed, especially since our girls are always eating what we eat. As you can see we are even packing them in our diaper bag!

Here we are opening on of our boxes from Creative Snacks Co. Scroll to the bottom to see everything that was included.

Exciting right! We wanted to share this amazing brand with all of you and the different ways we have used them + some of our favorites. We warn you though, this blog will most likely make you hungry or at the least make you want to purchase Creative Snacks Co, ASAP, but that's ok with us!


As a mom, this meal can get pretty tricky, so our friends at Creative Snacks Co sent us their famous granola cluster that is used to spice up any cereal mix, parfait or even oatmeal. See how Krystal prepares her's below:

Plus its a great breakfast option for a mom on the go! We are always carrying our granola cluster bag with us when we drop off our oldest girls at school and can't make ourselves a large breakfast as we do on the weekend. Here is what the granola clusters include:

No Artificial Colors or Flavors, No High Fructose Corn Syrup, Made in Small Batches, Broken by Hand, Kosher Certified

If you aren't a fan of just granola but want something different, make sure to try their drizzlers, a bite-sized yogurt parfait that comes in the following flavors: Apple Cinnamon Raisin, Lemon Blueberry, Cranberry Chia, and Honey Pecan. Here's our fav!


Our go-to for snack time, Creative Snacks Co provides a variety of options for everyone to enjoy and by everyone we mean all of your family members. At first, we thought we could keep our snacks safe from the family, but that didn't happen lol. Our husbands began snacking on them as did our kids. Here are some of our family favs below, for you to try out too. I have linked where you can buy then below:

Wondering where to buy these delicious snacks?

Mom approved - Amazon, Target, and Wholefoods carry them!

Want to shop them now via Amazon? Visit

Sweet treat:

I don't know about you, but we are big on desserts in our house and Creative Snacks Co makes it easy to have a little something sweet without feeling guilty afterward. Our favorites include their Dark Chocolate Almonds, Chocolate Covered Pretzels and their seasonal flavors found here.

Here are a few additional ways we enjoy Creative Snacks Co. throughout the day

- While working on our blog and posts at

- While feeding baby (it has become a staple in our breastfeeding basket) shown below!

- When you're running out the door to pick up or drop off the kids, which is always.

We are so happy to have partnered with Creative Snacks Co to learn what it means to Snack Better and help our family do the same.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram @bambinadiaries this week, we have a special surprise for our followers and a lucky fan will be able to win a box full of Creative Snacks goodies to try at home!

Creative Snacks Co, also has some great articles we have linked for you below. We have found them pretty helpful, as our favorite is the one about helping your kids develop healthy eating habits.

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04. März 2020

This brand provides so many yummy options. Definitely made me hungry. Can’t wait to try

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