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Baby Mine ...

Bedtime, the time where you get your LOs and guide them into a dreamy state of sleep for the whole night. Well, at least that's what you pray for. But let's be real, bedtime can be so stressful. They can be fussy, not ready for bed, restless, teething so they're cranky or wired up because they just got their second wind. So I'm not here to preach and tell you what to do, but I am going to tell you what I enjoy doing with my girls.

Since both girls were babies, I have ALWAYS enjoyed signing and rocking them to sleep. It would not only soothe the girls but also my soul. It was a time for me to relax and reflect on how the day had gone. Truthfully, I don't know who needed the singing more, me or the girls.

I normally sing songs that I enjoy and the occasional lullaby here and there. One of my favorites? The song Baby of Mine from the movie Dumbo.

Baby mine, don't you cry Baby mine, dry your eyes Rest your head close to my heart Never to part Baby of mine

Little one, when you play Don't you mind what they say Let those eyes sparkle and shine Never a tear Baby of mine

If they knew sweet little you They'd end up loving you too All of those people who scold you What they'd give just for the right to hold you

From your head, down to your toes You're not much, goodness knows But you're so precious to me Sweet as can be Baby of mine

If they knew sweet little you They'd end up…

Disney Lullaby Playlist:

Baby Instrumental Lullaby:

Now that Annemarie is older we have changed things up a little and tend to relax and get ready for bedtime by praying and calmly talking about our day and how grateful we are. But there are still those times where she asks me to sing her a song and I get so excited when she does because now she'll even hum herself to sleep sometimes.

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