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Annemarie's Two Fancy Birthday

This past week my little one turned two and like I mentioned in my instagram post, this birthday hit me so much harder than her first. I guess I feel like she's not a baby anymore and although she is only two and still needs me, she is so much more independent. She gets her own snacks in the pantry, she can communicate better, she has her likes and dislikes ... these are all things I have worked hard for her to be able to do so why do I get emotional about it? I'm also so proud at how she moves at her own beat. She is sweet but sassy, fancy but likes to play outside and get dirty, she truly is the perfect mix of Javi and I.

Either way we decided to give the birthday party thing a try and although she had a blast, I have to say it will probably be a long time before we do another party like this. We always said that we would travel until she would vocalize otherwise but then Javi and I thought - how bad can it be? WELL, let me tell you ... it truly is a lot of work! What started off as a simple party ended up being a party with 45 guests, bounce house, treats, 12 boxes of pizza, wall decor and much more. Of course her smile throughout the party said it all and that meant the world to Javi and I.

Below are all the details of Annemarie's Two Fancy Birthday ( Fancy Nancy theme).

First we had the decorations. I was able to purchase everything on Amazon, Target and the dollar store. Thankfully everything was very affordable and easy to assemble.

Blue Fringe Curtains:

Fancy Nancy Book:

Plates and Utensils: Dollar Tree

Fancy Nancy table cloth and napkins: Target

Party Favors:

Fancy Nancy Play Packs:

Beaded Bracelets:

Fancy Nancy Wrist Bands:

Pink Heart Sunglasses:

Pencil and Notebook Set: Dollar Tree

Cake was beyond delicious and was from Yummy Mummy Cakes.

The bounce house was definitely the star of the show. Being that one of Annemarie's favorite hobbies is to jump on her little trampoline, this was a dream come true for her. We selected a bounce house with two slides attached. The company was great with arrival and pick up! Check them out at

Even though it was a lot of work we are so happy to have thrown her a party and we are even more excited for her birthday trip in May to Anna Marie Island! Make sure to stay tuned!

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