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A, B, C's Spelling and More with Little Partners

We decided to showcase our Teach My Toddler Tuesday surprise a bit early this week and feature our new Contempo Adjustable Height Art Easel gifted to us from Little Partners, during our activity spelling activity this week.

Sofia has been working on writing her name, as well as other letters in the alphabet, plus putting words together at school. So, I wanted to share a few fun ways you too can do this at home! Here is what we used: (all of the items are available via Amazon )

- Painters Tape

The first activity we did with our Little Partners Contempo Adjustable Height Art Easel was to select our favorite magnets and spell them out. Sofia decided to choose - Lion, Wolf and Earth and we worked on spelling those out together. Then, she decided to pick a few other items she recognized and we talked about what each item was called.

Next, we moved on to the chalk side of our easel and worked on spelling her first name with the alphabet stencils I had purchased on Amazon. I first helped her trace each letter since she hadn't worked with them before, and then she went on and worked on it herself. She loved it so much that she started to add in more letters and we did the same thing as before; I traced them with her once and she went on to complete them on her own. It was really exciting to see how fast she was picking them up and how much she enjoyed erasing and starting all over again.

The third activity we will be working on later this week is finger painting with our easel and working on writing out our name, as well as working on shapes that she is practicing at school. Stay tuned for that fun project on our story!

The Little Partners Contempo Adjustable Height Art Easel has been such a fun addition to our play area this past week and we can't thank them enough for gifting this to us. It couldn't have come at a better time. Here are some of the great features this item has:


  • Extra large 22 3/4 x 30 3/4 in (57 3/4 cm x 78 cm) double-sided, durable, sturdy wood easel and dry erase board.


  • Dry erase board side has a built-in magnetic strip for holding paper & blackboard side is liquid-chalk-friendly!

  • Writing surface begins lower to the ground (starts at 10.5 inches) for younger kids to use with ease.

  • Writing surface on both the White and blackboards.

  • Adjustable writing surface has 2 heights to grow with your little Picasso

  • Assemble in less than 15 minutes!

  • Includes 1 eraser, 4 built-in paint containers, 2 L screws & 2 Quick Fasteners with simple assembly instructions.

Make sure to click on the items I liked above to purchase them yourself and tag us @bambinadiaries if you do!

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1 Comment

Sep 10, 2019

Great idea. I wished I had that when you were growing up. This generation is truly blessed.

Keep up the good work mom!

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