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5 Easy Outfits to Spring into This Season.

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

I find myself lately getting into a funk and always wearing the same leggings, sneakers, top "mom-look". Although I definitely don't mind that during that week, for the weekend that is a big NO. Not because I care what anyone else thinks but I think self-care and love is extremely important. I could find myself in this stereotypical "mom-look" even for breakfast dates or fun activities in the weekend. Then I looked at myself in pictures and thought, "hmmm ... where did I go? The person who loves fashion but always makes sure I'm comfortable." That's what led me to this post. I put together my five favorite Spring outfits that can easily transition into Summer. I have also put together different ways of remixes these outfits. It's amazing how switching some pieces for others can totally change an outfit.


Front Knot Dress: Is crazy soft and is the perfect length. You can tighten the knot in the front depending how loose fitting or not you want the dress to fit. I did order a medium because I don't like things to fit me tight. As some of my followers also mentioned the dress is great if you are nursing your little one. Purchased: Amazon

Shoes: These shoes are another fabulous find that will be featured in my other outfits because they are so versatile. I received so many messages from followers about wanting to wear wedges but not wanting a platform that is so high. These are it! They also come in a variety of colors and are true to size. Purchased: Amazon

Jean Jacket: I LOVE jean jackets, therefore I have way too many of them (I have FIVE). This particular one I love because it's more loose fitting and falls a little longer. It is a darker wash as well. Purchased: Target


Ruffle Dress: A big trend this season is polka dots. Although I have always been a little skeptical, I'm really feeling the petite and subtle pattern. This dress is great for the office or for a fun weekend outing - even if you are expecting! The material is light and not clingy at all. Purchased: Amazon


* By far one of my favorite looks

Tank: I have been looking for a high neckline tank for such a long time and I finally found it at target! It is so soft and fits so well.

Pants: These pants from Amazon are not only comfortable but so flattering! You can move the belt and tie it where you think it looks best. They do come in different colors and are very easy to style with a simple tee. I added a third piece to the outfit so you could see the versatility. The pants are also available in a short style.

Jean Jacket: Opposite of the previous jean jacket, this one falls a little shorter and works better with the style of pant I am wearing. I wanted a more tailored look.


Dress: This maxi from Amazon has me feeling so many sunny, happy vibes! First, it has pockets which is a huge thumbs up (FYI: the pockets don't bubble at the hips). It has slits on the side which makes it light and breezy. I also like it because you can totally use it as a cover-up or if you are expecting.


Bikini: This bikini is great because it is so adjustable, at the same time I know sometimes you want a little more coverage which is why this one piece is a fantastic alternative.

Cover-up: Comes in several colors and patterns. It does run large, so I would size down.

* I hope you enjoyed these outfits as much as I enjoyed putting them together! Make sure to tag us and share the love #bambinagirls and @bambinadiaries if you purchase any items.

Xo .


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