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Toddler Tuesday Special Guest - BLOP Shop Essentials for the Everyday!

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

We are so excited to have our friends at BLOP Shop join us for a special segment of #TeachMyToddlerTuesday. Today, we have Cristie Vassilaros, one of the owners of BLOP Shop sharing with us how their pieces can be used for our every day needs as moms. From packing a restaurant kit, to a special bag for church, a snack bag for school, the next vacation and more. Plus each item can be customized with your child's name or favorite icon.

Cristie shares with us how two of their popular bags can work for some of these every day needs. The BLOP Box and Travel Cubes! (PS: Moms, remember that we can also use these too, I just used my travel cube during my last family trip)

The first item we asked Cristie to share with us was how to pack a SNACK BAG using the BLOP Box and here is what she packed :

Included in the BLOP Box is the BLOP placemat and some of our favorite kid friendly snacks. Best of all the BLOP Box is easy to clean if any snacks spill. It is small enough for kids to carry and large enough to carry any daily essentials. Like a handy box, you can lay it on its side to load and it rests perfectly with its handles up ready to take with you. Its convenient clear cover allows you to see what’s inside. The cover zips open completely, making it easy to fill and access all of your contents. The two perfectly placed handles make it fun and easy to grab and go and best of all it comes in a variety of patterns and colors.

To see the BLOP Box and how Cristie packs it click on the video below:

One of our favorite items we had BLOP do for us is the BUSY BAG, which Cristie shares with us below by using the very popular Travel Cube. Its one of their most popular versatile bags, as the front of the cube is clear material to allow for full visibility of the contents of the bag. The bag has a small handle at the top for easy handling. Perfect for packing pretty much anything.

This photo features the BLOP large travel cube in the Midnight Moon collection. Here you can see that a sample busy bag can include anything from an Amazon Fire Tablet, to Wikki stixs, animal or math flashcards, a full size coloring book, composition notebook for doodles, a sticker book, and more! Plus, included is a custom clear top case that fits and organizes pencils, crayons and markers to name a few. For toddlers, Cristie shares below what a smaller medium travel cube could look like. Again the possibilities are endless for what you can include here, but they make for great restaurant kits, travel kits and even special occasion kits when you want the little ones to stay busy.

Here is a closer look at the BLOP medium travel cube, which includes some everyday favorites for toddlers of all ages:

Cristie will show us how to pack the toddler busy bag below:

The travel cubes come in four sizes - Large, Medium, Small and Mini and below is their collection from top to bottom. I have to say this is one of my favorite items, not only for my daughter but also for me!

We hope this fun guest segment shared ideas or gave you some inspiration for your next vacation, family day out, or even as you start getting ready for back to school shopping. Plus for all of our followers, BLOP shop provided us with a special code. Go and order your own BLOP bag by visiting and using the code Bambina10 for 10% off your purchase!

All of the BLOP Shop items can be easily used for all of your every essentials. As, I mentioned before they are customizable and make for great gifts. For more on their collections see the photo above. The photo includes (from top to bottom): Steel Stripe Hers, Steel Stripe His, Polka Dream, Midnight Moon, Hop Blop, Italian Picnic, Beetle and Ladybug.

Lastly, don't forget to scroll down for a few of our busy bundle links, as we have linked some of our favorite item ideas for you via Amazon:

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