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The Perfect Gift for the Online Shopper

Do you have a friend that is always receiving packages to their house? Or are you a lover of online shopping? For me, becoming a mom of two, online shopping has been so helpful. It feels like Christmas when a FedEx or UPS truck pulls up to my front door. The only downside is worrying if all my packages will be safe. Thankfully, our friends at CleverMade have the solution we ALL need. Say hello to your delivery package's new best friend, the CleverMade LockBox shown below!

There are three important aspects of the lockbox that I will cover in my blog below. 1. Use and Assembly, 2. Registration, and 3. Connecting with your Carriers.

Your lockbox will arrive in an easy to assemble box (shown above), including step by step instructions. The most important elements of assembly are: programming your lockbox code, anchoring your lockbox to the ground, and connecting your lockbox with carriers. Here is a step by step video that shows you just what I mean:

It's important to remember that before placing your lockbox outdoors, make sure to use the anchoring kit included in your original package. It was super easy to install and gave me an additional sense of security. See below for how my lockbox looks on my front porch.

Plus, contacting carriers was fast and simple. I followed the step by step instructions on the website found here. In case you were wondering, the registered carriers include:

This holiday season, with so many of us looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let's make sure to add CleverMade's LockBox to our must-have list. It's worth the peace of mind that we don't have to rush home when a package is delivered or worry that a neighbor may forget to get it for us when we are traveling. Plus if you have a little one like me, its always fun for them to check the CleverMade LockBox and see what new package has arrived!

One last thing! The CleverMade LockBox comes with a 10-year warranty, so registering your lockbox at the website found here -> is very important. Once you're all set, it's as simple as entering your code to open your lockbox and safely recovering your package. See below.

Enter your code just like Sofia does on the keypad:

Your lockbox will automatically open and your package will be safely stored inside!

I hope you enjoyed this fun blog post. If you love the CleverMade LockBox as much as I did, order yours today at and use the code Bambina20% for a special discount off your purchase. (The code is valid from 11/20 through 12/6.)

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