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The Scarf with Endless Possibilities from Mina & Vine

A few months ago, I attended a mom and baby event in Atlanta and met the founder and creator of Mina and Vine. I automatically fell in love with their nursing scarf and was dying to try it out. They were kind enough to send me one to play with and style during pregnancy.

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The first look is the poncho - providing 360 degrees of coverage while breast feeding and best of all the material its made with keeps you cool!

Next is the sash - this option gives you one arm free to grab the phone, food etc while breast feeding. Multi tasking at its finest.

Third is the shawl that you can wear three different ways.

Next, is the vest which is one of my favs right now, while I am pregnant, because it styles so easily with anything.

Lastly, this scarf has a few different ways you can actually use it as a scarf if you don't want to wear it the ways I showcased above. This makes it easy to access when you need to use it.

By the way did I mention that this amazing scarf has easy magnets attached that allow you to do all of these fun things + it comes in a variety of patterns? To shop their collection click here.

and make sure to use the code Bambinas15 for 15% off your purchase!

I want to thank Mina & Vine for gifting me their scarf. It makes for a great gift for moms to be, as the possibilities are endless. Whether you are headed to a playdate, the office or just want to kick up your style to run errands, their scarf can be worn so many ways. As an added bonus, their nursing scarf can also double as a cover for baby carriers, strollers and shopping carts giving you even more versatility. Not nursing? No problem! Their scarf is the perfect accessory for any stage of life.

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