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Sweet Dreams with Delta Children's Mini Crib

As I prepared for baby #2, my check list was a little different. When Sofia was born, I had no clue what I really needed and why. Yet, when Carolina was ready to come in to this world, I knew exactly what items were a must have in my house. One of those was a mini crib. I am not sure if many of you are familiar with what this is but its basically a smaller version of your traditional crib. The mini crib gives you the flexibility to store it anywhere and at the same time gets your little one use to sleeping in a crib, early on.

Delta Children gifted me their Monterey Mini Crib with Mattress in Rustic White and I could not be happier. Here is a quick description on the product:

Designed with a simplified profile and compact footprint, this mini crib brings easy, versatile style while saving needed floor space. Like most Delta Children cribs, the Monterey Mini grows with your little one—the adjustable height mattress support has two positions, start at the highest position for your newborn, and lower as your child begins to sit or stand. The Monterey Mini Crib with Mattress by Simmons Kids includes a 2.75-inch thick mattress, and is available in Rustic Grey and Rustic White.

See below for Carolina sleeping in her crib :)

Here is what I love about this item:

- Easy assembly

- Even more beautiful in person, love the textured finish!

- Can easily fit in any room

- Mattress being included makes this item even nicer

- Great size, especially for a newborn

- Love that its adjustable

- Provides peace of mind during naps between feedings

- Gives my newborn a safe space to sleep while sister and dogs run around

- Great quality

In the end, I would recommend this mini crib as a option for parents looking to have a second space for their little ones to sleep safely and comfortably. For me, its been a huge help having a mini crib downstairs, so that I can start getting baby use to sleeping in a crib and not have to go up and down the stairs for nap time.

Thank you again Delta Children! For more on their amazing products for kids visit -

Plus, make sure to check out their tips and safety promise here.

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