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P is for President

Since today marks Presidents' Day, I thought it would be fun to teach Sofia a bit about this holiday and why it's important. So, we started by reading a special book and making a fun craft that you can do at home too. See below.

The book we read today is called P is for President and can be found on Amazon by clicking here. Sofia loved it and it was a quick and easy read. Highlighted all the important points about what a President is and much more. Here's the craft that we paired with the book.

Missing in the photo above are any sticks you would like to use to hold up the mask, as well as a beard. We didn't have the supply that was shown in the activity link below, so instead, we printed and cut out a beard on black construction paper.

You will need: (click on the links below to download the cutout templates and Presidents' Day poems)

Paper plates

Hair-Colors Crinkle Strips (black)

Construction Paper - 9" x 12" (blue and black)

Cotton balls

Jumbo Craft Sticks

Best-Buy School Glue - 4 oz

Safety Scissors

After we finished decorating our masks, this is what they looked like. Abraham Lincoln and George Washington!

Once our masks were done, we sat to read our story and poems one more time and played with our masks.

Sofia had a lot of fun with this quick craft and we can't wait to see your photos too! Make sure to tag us @bambinadiaries and consider using these for July 4th photos.

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