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Native - Invest In Yourself

For some time now I have wanted to invest into a deodorant that was good for me. I had read so many articles on how dangerous and toxic a lot of popular brand deodorants are - causing to clog your pores plus the paragons and aluminum etc.

When Native contacted us if we would like to try their products I was a little skeptical but I nonetheless I wanted to give it a try. When I received the box with goodies there was so much helpful information that I didn't know. For example: I didn't know there was a transition period where your body may need to get accustomed to an aluminum and more natural deodorant. They also stressed finding the right scent. Just like perfumes, not every scent works well with your body. We are all wired differently and need to know which scent(s) our body reacts well with.

I have been using Native for a month now (scent: coconut and vanilla) and I am pleasantly surprised. I am also using their body wash which I wasn't even aware that they had a line of body wash, bar soaps and even toothpaste. They just came out with their spring scents and I can't wait to receive new goodies!

If you would like to try Native's products please visit: and use code 20_bambinadiaries for 20% your next purchase!

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