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My New Favorite Product for the Home

Since we became a family of four, I had been researching different ways to make the house just a bit safer. My first task was replacing the gate we had downstairs, which led to our upstairs bedrooms. The dogs had learned to open the gate and run upstairs so, when I visited a friend's house and learned about The Stair Barrier, I knew it was exactly what we needed.

The Stair Barrier was kind enough to gift us one and here is what it looks like in our home :

And then when you want to roll it to one side:

The Stair Barrier is a US made brand for parents of two and four-legged babies and these are some of the reasons why I love this brand:

- Easy install

- Rolls neatly to one side

- Fits pretty much every staircase

- Comes in beautiful patterns

- Meets safety standards

Best of all, The Stair Barrier fits a variety of stair options. Check their website below to see which version works best for you and make sure to use the code BAMBINA10 for 10% off this month on all purchases.

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