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Making Life Easier with Subscription Boxes for Kids

I find myself scrambling for activities sometimes and subscription boxes have been my saving grace. Krystal and I both enjoy them for the girls and decided it would be fun to share our favs with you below. Let us know what you think and DM us @bambinadiaries if you have any favorites to add to our list.

The Mama Notes Activity Shop

Interactive boxes made by a mom for kids 4 and older!

Young Wild and Friedman

Fun activity and sensory bins made for kids of all ages.

Use our code to shop bambina5:

Kiwi Co

Activity crates for kids from baby to teenager.

Both our girls really enjoyed playing with their monthly crates!


One of our favorites and a must-have for any new parent.

Their play kits were designed by experts for babies and toddlers!


Inspiring learning at every age. This subscription is amazing for kids.

Offering one of a kind books for specific ages

We Craft Box

Offering quality time crafting with your kids minus all the prep work!

Little Passports

Offering creative adventures for kids ages 3 - 12.

Best of all they now have a Summer Camp in a box!

Sunnie Press

A map subscription for kids! Offering screen-free playtime.

Hola Amigo Box

Made by teachers and moms. This Spanish kit for kids offers a variety of resources each month for families looking to teach their children Spanish.

Oyster Kit

Gives kids the chance to learn a new profession every month.

The age range is 5-9 years old

Kids Night In Box

Offering interactive play with a purpose for kids

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