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It's that time again! School Supply Shopping with Stuck on You

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Sofia is starting her second year at a local school near us in Atlanta and I decided to get ahead of the game before it got too close to her first day. With Target, Publix, Walmart, Amazon and many others stocking the shelves with school supplies, I wanted to share with our followers what we did this year that was a bit different!

We were fortunate enough to partner with Stuck On You on a back to school campaign to share with all of you how the brand has hundreds of items you can customize for your little one. For Sofia, I was looking to order custom labels and a versatile snack pack that would grow with her over the next few years. At her school and for her age, they ask parents to label all the supplies and personable belongs, especially since in our case, there is another little girl named Sofia in her class.

Here are the items that Stuck On You provided us with to make this new school year great!

- Snack Pack, which includes: Bento Mini, Bento Cooler Bag, Drink Bottle and Name Labels.

- 0-5 Pre-School Pack of custom labels, which includes: 26 medium iron on labels, 100 mini name labels, 26 medium round name labels, 26 medium round iron on clothing labels and 2 designer bag tags.

I also wanted to share how we used them, especially since the Snack Pack is one of Sofia's favorite items. We actually made a pretend lunch just to see how we could include all of her favorite items in the bento mini.

One of our favorite features that the bento mini has is a removable compartment that makes it easy to clean and best of all, is leak proof! The bento mini was ideal for snacks and a school lunch, plus it is also dishwasher safe. The bento cooler bag is the perfect lunch box for Sofia to keep all of her lunch items cool with its insulated thermal lining.

Lastly, is the spill proof drink bottle that was personalized with Sofia's name. It's the ideal size to keep her hydrated throughout the day and is made with food-grade stainless steel + it is BPA free. Best of all, the 26 name labels they included as a part of your pack are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe so you won't have to worry about them coming off!

Before I let you go, I also wanted to share how we used Sofia's custom labels on her clothes and school supplies (fun fact: all of the school supplies except the diapers, wipes and back pack I bought at the Dollar Tree!)

First, I used the mini name labels and round labels on her main supplies, including her wipes. Then, I used the iron on labels to tag her change of clothes, which is something that the teachers always request incase she has an accident at school. The labels were super easy to apply and best of all, they are scratch resistant, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. All of the iron on labels are also machine wash and dryer safe.

We loved working with Stuck On You for our Back to School campaign and if you think these items will also work for you and your little one, visit their site today at and don't forget to use the code: SOY-BAMBINA and get 20% off site-wide (excludes value packs - valid until November 30th).

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