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Fall Cookie Fun with Voortman Cookies

Our girls are huge fans of Voortman Cookies, as are we, so we partnered once again with the amazing company just in time for their Pumpkin Spice Wafers seasonal launch. They are baked with real pumpkin, made with no artificial colors or flavors AND no high-fructose corn syrup. We were very excited to unwrap life's sweetest moments, as we created our very own fall cookie collection with our girls!

Here is a look at the three different designs we created for the campaign, that you too can try at home - Fall Dipped Wafers and our Spooky Halloween Monster Friends!

Krystal and I no longer live in the same city, but our girls love seeing each other. So, we decided to plan a fun cookie date via Skype. Both girls were so excited to share the cookie recipes they were going to make just in time for fall.

In Atlanta, Sofia and I started by making Monster Mash wafers, to get us in the Halloween spirit. The ingredients, we used are below:

  • Voortman Pumpkin Spice Wafers

  • Candy corn

  • Frosting

  • Mini chocolate chips

  • Red sprinkles

  • Coconut flakes

  • Decorative eyeballs

We really wanted to make it a fun interactive experience, so Sofia and I began decorating the cookies with our frosting. Deciding which would be monsters, ghosts, or mummies. Then we added Sofia's favorite part which were the eyes. Finally, we moved on to the decor, adding something different to each one - sprinkles, candy corn, gummies, and shredded coconut to name a few.

Once they dried we added them to their very own grave site ....SPOOKY, I know. For the gravesite we used - crushed oreo cookies, ground coffee, mini chocolate chips and gummy worms! Here is what it looked like:

In Miami, Krystal and Annemarie created Frankenstein cookies, as well as a few fan favorites! The ingredients they used were:

  • White chocolate chips

  • Food coloring

  • Halloween sprinkles

  • Candy corn

  • Voortman Wafer cookies

First, Krystal and Annemarie started by melting the white chocolate to start the dipping process. Placing a small bowl of white chocolate chips in the microwave for about 45 seconds and then stirring. Remember the chocolate can get hard pretty fast so you have to move quick.

Krystal lined the counter with parchment paper, used green food coloring to make the chocolate the perfect shade for Frankenstein and once the chocolate was ready they started to dip. Annemarie was such a pro at this and loved adding the special sprinkles to each cookie.

At first, it started off as Frankenstein monster cookies and then grew to a few fan favorites like Vampirina. Krystal had bought food coloring, which is a great technique to get fun dipping colors for these cookies. Plus: it is a great way for kids to start learning what colors are made when you mix two or more together - like blue and red make purple; the perfect shade for a Vampirina cookie. Each cookie had a fun detail - decorative eyes, halloween sprinkles and candy corn.

Here is what they looked like:

Before finishing our cookie date with our girls, we decided to create a few Fall Friends to celebrate the weekend with us and ring in fall, just a bit early. Below is our play on a fun favorite that you too could have the little ones create during the holidays. It is a great way to share the LOVE at your next gathering and we promise it will be well received by kids and adults alike.

Ingredients we used were:

- Voortman Pumpkin Spice Wafers

- Candy corn

- White decorative frosting

- Mini chocolate chips

- Coconut flakes

- Decorative eyeballs

- Melted chocolate to dip the wafers in

Once you have all your ingredients ready, we started by dipping each wafer in the chocolate we had just melted in the microwave for 45 seconds. Then, we placed all the dipped wafers in the freezer to cool for about 5 mins. When they were ready we started our decorating. Adding in eyeballs, candy corn and much more to make our Fall friends come alive!

Here is what they look like:

For more on Voortman's amazing cookies and new seasonal flavors make sure to visit their website by clicking here.

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