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Exploring Nutrition with Kids Night In Box

This week for #TeachMyToddlerTuesday we decided to have a family night with our little one Sofia. I am 38 weeks pregnant with our second baby girl, so this was the perfect time to bond together as a family before we added one more!

I have to be honest that at first I was a bit worried about how Sofia would enjoy this box, since it was all about nutrition and I wondered would it be too high level for her? I am happy to say I was so wrong! Kids Night In Box, who we have a partnership with, did a great job at making the concept of nutrition fun and easy for even the smallest kids.

So lets dive right in! Here is what we did with her. First, I opened her box while she was napping to get a better understanding of what had been included. This is what they sent:

Then, once she woke up from nap and we had dinner, my husband and I opened the box with her and began reading the instructions that the Kids Night In Box had provided. The first task we had was to read Good Enough to Eat by Lizzy Rockwell. A great book for kids of all ages and Sofia really enjoyed it, as did I and my husband.

Then, we moved on to becoming Nutrition Explorers, learning about healthy eating, creating our own binoculars, and making our very own MyPlate worksheet.

This next part was Sofia's favorite. The box had included a magnifying glass and asked for each of us to go on a hunt for healthy foods in our own home. Needless to say, Sofia was very excited to find grains, veggies, fruit, protein and dairy hiding in our fridge or pantry.

Before we finished our family time, we worked on a special art project, did a quick workout and learned how to spot healthy snacks! Plus we created our very own healthy food masterpiece.

What I loved most about this Kids Night In Box was how excited Sofia was to learn about healthy foods and nutrition. She has become a bit of a picky eater, as of lately, so hopefully this will change her outlook. Plus, the Kids Night In Box always includes a "beyond the box" activity that lets you continue their fun adventure. Sofia now has her own healthy journal and a 10 day challenge that I look forward to doing with her.

For more on Kids Night In Box and fun healthy habits you can share with your family, visit

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