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Earth Day Activities That You Can Do EVERYDAY!

Updated: May 1, 2020

Since quarantine has us all at home, we thought it would be fun to test out our green thumbs and start planting with the girls, just in time for Earth Day. Below we shared two different options you can choose from, depending on what you have at home or nearby. Plus, we included a few other great resources that you can check out. Happy Planting!!

My Fairy Garden

Krystal and Annemarie tried this super fun activity at home and have had some great success with it so far. To purchase your own go to

Egg Carton Plants

In Atlanta, Sofia and I decided to try planting a few of our favorite flowers with some supplies we had at home. Soil from our backyard, flower seed packages we had at home, and an empty egg carton. See below for what we made.

Here are a few more of our favs you can try at home:

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