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Early Learning with Lovevery

When I was pregnant with Carolina, I came across a brand called Lovevery. They are an amazing company whose goals are to improve families' lives through more meaningful play! 

So, you can only imagine how excited I was to find them. They were kind enough to gift me their play gym and a special play kit, shown below.

What I loved about their play gym is that they did the research for us as parents. Designed by child development experts, the play gym includes everything we would need for our child to develop over the next year. For more on what this play gym includes click here.

Best of all, Sofia loves playing with her baby sister, showing her all of the fun items this gym has to offer while helping her learn. Plus, in case you are wondering, all of their products are made with sustainably forested wood, organic cotton, and baby-safe plastics. 

Did you know that Lovevery has a subscription-based play kit for kids ages 0-24 months? The brand sent us a box for Carolina to use when she turns 3 months and I couldn't wait to see what was inside, so I opened the box and tried it myself.

I love that their play kits are exactly what babies and toddlers need at each stage. Each product comes with a Play/Activity Guide that provides all the need-to-know guidance new parents want and incorporates many different educational approaches including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Waldorf. The Play Guide walks parents through how to make the most of playtime with their little ones, backed by all the research people don’t have time to read.

To learn more about this amazing brand visit Best of all, don't forget to check out their registry option, something I am looking forward to doing for Carolina's first birthday !! Here is the link to learn more -> REGISTRY or with the holidays coming up, consider a personal or family gifting option found here.

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